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Erin [userpic]

I just wanted to say before I begin working on my 2 term papers...

Major KUDOS and WIN!points to the guy in the library watching Smallville out in the open this morning. I would have stayed (yes, to watch) but I was under a time constraint, although I am sure he knew that what he was watching peeked my interest, seeing as how I passed by him no more than 3 times..:-p

Current Location: University of Memphis

*hahaha* You're so cute, Erin! *hugs* Maybe you and this guy should arrange a date or something to watch Smallville on his comp. ;)

HAHA-I wasn't the only one who's interest was peeked..another guy was sitting in a chair directly across from him obviously watching it..I felt like tapping the guy on the shoulder and saying 'just one more day!', but I didn't just because I didn't want too feel like too much of a dork...;-)

Oh, please. You're not a dork at all, IMO. Smallville seems like a pretty good show, but for some reason, I can't get into it.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week! :)

You definitely have to be into the Superman mythos, as it has drifted quite a but away from the soap opera it used to portray.
I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, sweetie!