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So, apparently there is this show called Merlin people at my work keep blathering on about and watch during their lunch break? One of the secretaries gave me a burnt copy of the first half of the season that she was given by another secretary..I may have to start watching it..
In all actuality, I've known about Merlin for a while, but have not been given the opportunity to watch it. Perhaps now I do :-)

So..I am finally moved into my complex in Nashville as of 2 days ago and I officially have the internet. I have a week until my internship starts so I am sure I will update between that time.

Current Location: Nashville, TN

Happy New Years, everyone!
Let's hope that the following year is better than 2008, which had plenty more lows than highs.

Current Location: Camano Island, Washington

Well, I just got in my last grade-for American Foreign Policy..In total:

Modern Political Thought ---- A
American Foreign Policy ---- A-
Interest Groups ---- B
Elementary Spanish II ---- B
Political Statistics ---- C

Not all too shabby if I do say so myself..just curious though..Since I've never really had a professor give me a + or - before and since my AFP professor insists on being 'different' I was wondering if it would interfer with the standard 4.0 that constitutes the 'A'?

Well, I've gotten almost all my grades in..I am still waiting for American Foreign Policy, though. But in total, I've gotten 1 A, 2 B's, and 1 C..I am hoping at least a B..I should know by tomorrow morning, though since that's when the grades are due, though not finalized until the 18th..
In other news, my sister finally graduated from the university after 5 long years; not only that, she graduated with cum laude which is hard to come by, especially during your last year in college. So we've had two celebrations-one yesterday and one that just ended. I think everyone had a good time and that's all that matters in my opinion. Although, please note..
NEVER drink 5-6 flutes of champagne..EVER..

Current Mood: draineddrained
Current Music: "A Dustland Fairytale"- The Killers

That paper due this coming monday over my chosen topic of Sudan and the US is going well..so is my habit of going over the limit while completely missing the point to the topic..12 pages due..17 pages written! Wish me luck! :-p

Current Music: "Is It Over Now?"- The Perishers

I just wanted to say before I begin working on my 2 term papers...

Major KUDOS and WIN!points to the guy in the library watching Smallville out in the open this morning. I would have stayed (yes, to watch) but I was under a time constraint, although I am sure he knew that what he was watching peeked my interest, seeing as how I passed by him no more than 3 times..:-p

Current Location: University of Memphis

Well guys, I received an e-mail today from the internship coordinator/professor, and it looks as if I among 15 other applicants were chosen for the internship in Nashville. I am ecstatic, of course! My only concern remains to be focused on the classes I am taking right now, and the specifics of the internship process (how will it be paid? will financial aid be involved? What about housing?) But apparently all of that will be covered in a meeting on the 20th, so until then, I have to sign a couple forms and meet with my advisor to let him know I will not be taking the classes I initially signed up for the Spring 2009 semester. Let's hope all goes well! Because to be honest, this semester has not been going as well as I have hoped and I've been an emotional and nervous roller coaster for the past 2-3 weeks! I am hoping everything will pan out, though..because I cannot afford to lose my scholarship; even though not having a scholarship takes off a lot of stress..in my opinion, at least..but that is another story..

Current Music: "Set Down Your Glass"- Snow Patrol

Just thought I'd put up a transcript of Barack Obama's speech last night held in Chicago, Illinois

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