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I have no words right now that express how I am feeling..
This has truly become a momentous period in history and I couldn't feel more honored to be a part of it!

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So..I had my internship interview today, and I think it went well. We will see, though since there are quite a few other applicants lined up..::crosses fingers::

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So..this is what I woke up to this morning on CNN..
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Really, McCain?..really?
Let's just say I had an early morning laugh :-p.

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 Well, I turned in my application for that internship..I told the coordinator of the internship that I only had one reference, since my second fell through and she gladly said she would be my reference, seeing as I have had her as a professor..
Well shall see..if things don't turn out this time around, that's fine. There is always next semester.

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Why do I always seem to freeze up when I am given a fantastic opportunity to do something proactive? In this case, possibly being chosen for a Legislative internship in Nashville? I would have to sign up first, though..

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Just thought I'd post this..a very informative post on McCain/Obama and their stances on various policies; and since I suck at linking, I am just going to copy it:

 I just got back from seeing The Dark Knight. My review?


That's all..

A more coherent review should follow..eventually.

   So, I have finally dug out of the hole called 'college'...for a time..I just literally got my first break today from the end of the semester work that professors have been piling on us. I have to be honest and say that this semester has probably been the most challenging for me since I started college. For some reason I have been having issues buckling down and really absorbing all of the information all of my professors are giving me. Thankfully, most of mine are sympathetic with their classes, so that gives me some leeway. The only two classes I am 95% sure I will come out with a good grade would be Spanish and International Relations (which I have taken a great interest in). My Comparative Politics could be going better..I just turned in a research paper yesterday (having to do with the Sudanese Government and the involvement of other countries) thats around 8 1/2 pages long, the longest paper I have ever written and I enjoyed writing it every step of the way (even though my computer crashed almost 3/3 rds through it and I had to completely erase my hard drive..)  I would really like to post it and get your guys opinions on it. I don't mind constructive criticism in the least..the only kind I hate is the blunt "This sucks" kind of comment. But in all seriousness I would love to know what you guys think of it even though I have already turned it in. I am mainly asking this because I would love to elaborate on what I have since first off, there was SO MUCH information included but there was no way I could have fit all of it into my paper; I actually went over the allotted page limit (7) and second, I would really like to enter it into some sort of internship, if possible and if that means tweaking quite a bit of it, then so be it.
  On another note, I registered for my classes for next semester..I am finally entering the 3000 and 4000 level classes-scary! :-p..but in all actuality, I am a bit nervous about the fall and how I will do..

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Okay-so I caved and took some pictures..


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